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What About My Kids

What is our Children's Ministry all about?
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Our aim in Children's Ministry is to lead kids into their own close, personal knowledge of God and His Word, and for them to experience His presence while taking part in bringing His Kingdom to their world.
What are the age levels?
The children spend time together in a large group setting, as well as in small groups. The small groups are broken up into the following age levels (age by September 1st):
See Nursery info below
His Treats (3-5 year olds)
His Treasures (1st- 4th graders)
His Torches (5th-7th graders) 
What does a typical day at Children's Church look like?
Each child will experience similar blessings as found in adult church, but on a kid's level. They will learn about a big God who is passionately waiting to share Himself with them.  He or she will experience worship, fellowship, creative learning times, and will discover how to spend quiet time with God. They will also be introduced to ministry opportunities amongst themselves and the larger church.
Each week parents/caregivers will be given a hand-out describing an overview of what their children are being taught that week, along with some follow-up questions to spark discussion at home and throughout the rest of the week.
What are some fun activities to be expected throughout the year?
These vary from seasonal activities such as the Fall Kick-Off Carnival, Christmas party, and Easter special to special puppet ministries, world mission visitors, and inviting special guest speakers to share on particular ministry subjects
(e.g. Worship).
What is our vision for our Children's Ministry?
We invite the children to be a part of the vision in the church, as they are the generation to follow in our footsteps. Remember the young lad with the bread and fish (John 6:1-14)? Some of these kids are carrying provision for thousands. They may be small, but their harvest is great. There is no “Junior Holy Spirit.” We believe the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in all believers, and we want to give these children the same opportunity to learn, grow, and experience all God has for them.
  At Life Church, we provide a nursery for  
  children ages 3 and under during the Sunday
  morning service.  The nursery is a large,
  vibrantly colored room just across the
  hallway from the offices with plenty of toys,
  space, and other kids to play with! We also
  have a fenced-in, grassy outdoor play area
  just adjoining the indoor area.  Your kids are more than welcome to spend  their Sunday mornings in our nursery, and you can be assured that our workers will give them the  utmost attention, care, and safety.
If you have any additional questions concerning our nursery, please don't hesitate to contact us!