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 Our staff here at Life Church are the backbone of everything we do. From a wide range of personality types and skill sets, our team works as a family with one goal in mind - glorify His name through everything we do.

Don Finley
Senior Leader & Life School President
"God is good, therefore life is good!"


Jodi Casebier
Office Manager & Life School Director
"Why do I love otters? Because they're creative and love having fun!"

Chantal Bradshaw
Wholeness Ministries Administrator

"It's a good morning for healing, wholeness, and oh yeah... a cup of coffee!


Kim Baker
Administrative Assistant

 "It's all about Family!

spoken by a true Babiska (or grammy if you don't know German!)




Diane Foster

"Love simply; simply love."




Crystal Givens
Children's Pastor

"Ask me how many children I want, and I'll tell you 100."




Andy Foster
Building Projects & Maintenance

"Welcome to the Maintenance Office;
we do the impossible."


Heather Weiss
Life School Administrator

"If you can't reach me at Life School,
call me on my shell phone!"
                    Andrew Foster                                    Ann Finley
                            Youth Pastor                                            Worship Pastor
          (Insert personalized quote here...                "Our words create worlds. What 
                or sarcastic comment if                           kind of world are you creating? "
                you're Andrew Foster :)                                        
                         Sara McNinch
                 Life Change Administrator
       "All you need is love... and a few cats."