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Love After Marriage

What is Love After Marriage (LAM)?
      A 10-week intensive workshop for couples looking to REJUVENATE,
     STRENGTHEN, HEAL, and RESTORE your marriage.
     A program developed at Bethel Church in Redding, CA.          
                    You may learn more about the Bethel LAM program here
Our GOAL... to instruct and guide married couples into a relationship characterized by openness, vulnerability and love.
During the workshop... couples have an opportunity, through the working of Holy Spirit, to learn and practice how to bring spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness into their relationship.
This workshop will provide...

• Fresh and bold teaching on the basic principles of oneness

• Tools to take your marriage to a higher level of intimacy, communication and enjoyment

• Opportunities to practice these tools in an intimate, small group setting

• Breakthrough for struggling marriages, helping you overcome the strongholds in your relationship

• Tools on how to work through conflict and reconciliation keys to take every marriage to a higher level  


  We will be offering Love After Marriage I next September!

Details coming begininng of September.

For more information or questions please contact us!
    To Mail your App:  Hard copy applications available at Life Church
           Life Church 
           P.O. Box 5350                                           
           Salem, OR 97304
  OR Email to: LAM@lifechurchsalem.com