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Healing Timeline

What is Healing Timeline?
Healing Timeline is a tool developed by a brain scientist to assist emotional healing from traumatic experiences by restructing brain pathways. Healing Timeline uses real memories from the participant's lifetime to help acknowledge that a trauma or difficult experience is over.
By allowing Jesus into the memories, one can experience increased freedom from the pain attached to certain memories. Current brain research supports the concept that the brain neurons can be reconfigured to function differently.
In other words, you can think in a new way!
Who could benefit from this?
Most have experienced trauma in some form. Healing Timeline is for anyone seeking more freedom from past events, so that they can move forward into all God has for them.
Have you ever found yourself not getting over something, no matter how hard you try? Sure you've prayed, been prayed for, searched for answers in the Bible, read books, listened to sermons, and even forgiven... but your heart still hurts?
Healing Timeline just may be the tool for you!
How do I sign up?
Download an application here!  Once you submit your applicatoin, 
you will be contacted for an appointment time.
These sessions are a personal time, one on one, with you and the facilitators. 
We are currently scheduling for Thursday eventings at 7:00pm.
All scheduling is done via email unless an email is not provided. Please keep a look out for an email from Wholeness Ministries as this is where our communication comes from
We look forward to hearing from you!